Making It Through

Fine. Fine. FINE.

What was I whining about? Don't get me wrong, it still hurts, well, I wouldn't exactly describe it as hurts, but it definitely feels funky.


A Bona Fide Physical Therapist took a look at it and stated it for sure seems like it's something "nervey." Mmm-kay. I mean, I know I wasn't in her office, so to speak, but hello! She examined me at my son's soccer game (the very first win for his team, no less!). On the bleachers for mandy-pandying out loud. So if "nervey" isn't an official diagnosis, I don't know what is.

C4 Miles (Making Strides for Mental Health). It hurt felt nervey for most of the four miles, but it didn't stop me. Maybe it should have. And hey, I won my age division. I know, I know. It's a tiny race, 108 people in total, but still, it feels good. Especially after not having run well for the last several weeks. And especially after deciding  I could. not. run.

C4 Miles is a special race for me. My friend Amy works there and I like to support the work she does. And, as a mental health practitioner (almost) myself, it's a cause I truly believe in. I mean, c'mon. We all need to think about mental health. My own issues with anxiety rear their ugly little heads a lot these days. Example #1: Right before I ran the race, I was literally in tears because the disorganization in my house is sometimes too much for me to bear. I know we just moved, and I'm in school, and I have no time and like six million kids, and blah blah blah. But, it's real for me and sometimes it can be difficult to deal with.


I didn't think I'd actually manage to run the Cinco de Miler as planned either. But, all decked out in my new compression sleeve, I headed to Montrose Harbor prepared to walk if need be (I promised the Little Bit she could have my bottle opener medal, and those of you who know her know she is not one to be crossed -- just look at the way she's forcing me to hold my hand up in celebration as I get my medal at the C4 race. I'm pretty sure I heard her say "get your hand up in the air, dammit! No, higher! THIS is your moment. SEIZE it. You WILL be PROUD! Do it!"). Imagine my sheer pleasure at the funness of the day: A mariachi band, a great course that wasn't too crowded, seamless gear check, mustachioed volunteers, a couple of Green-Red-White guys, and lots of sombreros! Ole! Sadly, I had to skip the beer and food tent afterwards to get to the aforementioned soccer game.

And somehow, aches and pains aside, I made it through the race.

That's the thing right? Even if you don't know how it's going to to tun out, you have to keep going, or else how will you ever find out how it ends? And maybe the ending isn't quite what you planned. Or even what you hoped for. Maybe you'll be disappointed. Maybe you'll be achingly sad.

But what are you going to do? Lie down and let life roll over you? Live behind the fear of disappointment, sadness, and the unknown?

Sometimes life is disappointing, sad, and scary.

So, Run Along Now.