A Runner Again

You know that feeling you get when you run? That feeling where everything disappears. Your mind drains and becomes unclogged of everything that has been keeping you from being free.  There is silence.  There is peace.

That happened to me today during my run, and I love that feeling.  I miss it when I don’t run.

And speaking of not running…

I’m working my way out of a six month hiatus.  Yes there was illness (umm, kidney infections aren’t anything to mess around with).  Yes, I started grad school (go Maroons!).  Yes I am juggling like a million kids (not well, mind you).  Oh, and I hate running outside in the winter (what else is new).

I should have known running away from running wouldn’t do me much good.  I felt lazy and unproductive and unfit.  I gained weight and felt self-conscious about how I looked in my clothes.  Not fun things. 

And then one day, the switch flipped and I knew I needed to do it again.  I needed to be back out there, clearing my mind.  I needed to get lost in the tunnel that running creates.  The tunnel that makes me feel strong, even when I’m running slowly.  I needed to have that feeling of being completely unaware of everything happening around me, except the sound of my feet hitting the ground.

All that is to say, I’m back y’all. 

I’m a runner again.

Fort Worth Cowtown Half Marathon 2012


Today's Run: 6.13 miles in 58:26 (9:33 avg. pace)

  • Total Miles Run in 2013: 33.41
  • Average Pace: 9:50
  • Total Time Running: 5:28:42